Selección de proveedores

The choice of manufacturers is a key process for the development of our activity, so each of them has to meet a number of fundamental requirements to maintain a long-term relationship. This work is performed by the company’s operations department.

Once verified, through the following criteria:

  • Product quality and production license
  • Monthly, spot and anual supply capacity.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Financial capacity verified by Bureau Van Dijk.

A fundamental request being the signature of a contract with us, designating us as official distributors, even as exclusive distributors in some cases .

We believe that our business relationship with the manufacturer or the commercial office that represents it, must flow closely in order to achieve all of these points:

  • Real time stock and availability
  • Official representation
  • We only work with manufacturers, never with traders, unless they are contrasted or represent the manufacturer and this is demonstrated in a contract.